Sunday, February 04, 2007

Unbuilt Concept#2: Contemporary

Another of my unbuilt design concept. These are the schematic design of the house.

This house has very unique land shape, long entrance way from the main road to the site gives the advantage of 'free from GSB rules'.

This house will be at the step back about 13 m from the main road, and there are houses in front of this house site. I then design an inordinary house roof, which is wing-like shape.
Glasses is used on the roof to catch the light into the house.

This design consists of 3 main masses: head (foyer/guest room), body (main house: bedrooms, living room, etc), foot (garage, service area). at the sidelong of the house, runs a lap pool, which has a fitness room detached from the house.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Minimalist Organic House

Just finish building this one..
This house is a minimalist in terms of shapes, elements, and also organic in terms of its unity with the surrounding.

This house is located in Bambu Apus, Cilangkap area.

A unique L-shaped of the land, and a nice pond view next to the land, brings a nice configuration to the house layout.

Stole the view :)

The first idea that comes into my mind when i visit the site was "Stole the View". The view from the empty land with a pond, next to the house site is great. The intention is to have the view and feel like it's your own land. The use of glass doors and corner windows are to enable the user to enjoy the view.

Dining area is also an open-air dining area, located at the back at the house.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Modern-Traditional House at Cileungsi

Just found these in my archives. :)
Way back in 2002, i had this house design project. The house is located at Cileungsi.

The owner specifically want the house to be has some balinese aspects, but don't want it to look too traditional.

Collaborating with my dear friend Rully Gumilar, we designed a house that has a little bit of balinese space planning, textures (stones, bricks, wood), and also some roof accessories. But overall the house still look modern.

Lucky enough that the land that this house is situated is quite big (about 700m2), which enables us to divide building mass into 3 groups: the foyer & guest area, the living area and garage.
All these 3 masses is then connected by corridor.

One of the coolest thing is to play with the wood pillar structure. We put the wood pillar on top of a 'one piece' 16cm steel bar, welded on a steel plate. Check out below:

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Traditional Modern Design

This house concept is a mix between traditional style & modern.

The mix formula is simply a modern-types of spatial layouts, and a traditional ornament on the building skin, and the roof.

To reflect balinese-style, this house uses original 'bali' bricks and stones for its skin envelopes.

The use of 'gebyok' on every door is also enhances the traditional vibe of this house.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Unbuilt Design Concepts #1

Here i like to share some of my unbuilt design concepts. These house design concepts are minimalist-style with a touch of progressive shape of certain elements

The house is planned to be situated in pasar minggu. The house concept to be very secure, yet also has an opening garden at backyard.

The facade mostly are very closed, with two carport with massive look, not much of an opening at the house front.

Main door is hidden on the side, not frontal to the outside street.
Two gates with carports are provided to ensure guests can park near the house, considering the street where the building is located, is quite narrow.

Backyard garden is quite spacious and many openings toward it. Dining area is also located and opens to the garden.

The front stone wall secure the view from outside, while openings to the stone wall is freshen by the existence of shallow waterpool.
The air circulation can also be cooled by the waterpool.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My House

just like to share my new built house. This is the house i planned to live in with my family.

Situated in a Mega Kebon Jeruk housing complex, Joglo , West Jakarta. This house design is very simple, minimalist with the touch of stone texture and horizontal stripes plasterwork on the facade.

Using the simple gable roof (pelana), intended to minimize roof leakage. :D I had to have quite strong argue when i submit this for IMB. They only allows shield-shaped roof (atap perisai), just because they said it should look like a single building not a row building. :) silly...

Calm violet-grey color is used, actually i'm quite surprised when i use this color, but it's not really look like in the color guide. :)
But it came up nicely.

Here are some photos to enjoy..

Friday, November 10, 2006

Welcome to my Architecture Blog

This Blog is intended as showcase of my personal Architectural works, reviews, experiences.
You will find some of my design work here, both as concepts or built ones.
Feel free to comment! It's very much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Aris Maryadi